Who we are

Scion is an independent brand design consultancy with a passion for creating and propelling brands. We bring over three decades of brand strategy, design and communication to create strong brands and customer experiences. As branding experts, design consultants and marketing strategists for businesses both big and small, we have developed ideas and solutions that fire the imagination, enrich aspiration and inspire faith.
Over the years, entrepreneurs and companies with ambition and passion have turned to us for our knowledge of brands and positioning, go-to-market strategies, consumer insights-led behavior and the retail environment. As a creative agency, we have scripted the stories of several of India’s highly successful brands, be it the coffee you start your day with, the favourite shirt in your wardrobe, the cheese in your child’s lunch box, the nuts you order on a flight, or the bottle of wine in your cellar.
True to its name, Scion has built on the legacy of collective knowledge of brand creation to create insightful work: meaningful, fresh strategies and design that makes a real difference to the consumer, brand and business. We strive to help brands become icons and help products become a memorable part of the customer’s everyday life.
Our team is comprised of a diverse mix of brand consultants, planners, writers and designers. We don’t offer a standard approach or fixed group of people that our clients work with – instead we find that a broad range of people influencing the thinking process adds inspiration and energies to our process. Since each of our clients work directly with one or more of our senior partners, it puts a cap on the number of clients we work with. Our talents and skills are dedicated to looking for an effective answer – even in sometimes unexpected places. We enjoy what we do, we like meeting people and making friends along the way.

What we do

There are basically 3 developmental stages in a company’s life cycle at which our brand expertise can illuminate your brand and set it up in lights:

So, what do we provide our clients?

Our experience across industries and brands that we have conceptualised, breathed life into and shared in the traumas and success of. Inspired people that actually work on brand assignments that they believe in as if they were their own; The passion, intelligence, and personal commitment to ensure the time, sweat and money does not end up as one more statistic in the graveyard of brands that didn’t quite make it.

Our services

Brand Strategy

  • Research Strategy
  • Naming
  • Communication Strategy
  • User Acquisition / Retention

Brand Identity

  • Identity Creation
  • Messaging creation
  • Visual Identity Creation
  • Verbal Identity
  • Brand Guidelines / Style Guides

Brand Experience

  • Print Collaterals
  • Digital Brand Experiences
  • Packaging
  • Retail Systems
  • Go-to-Market Planning