Are they just nodding acquaintances? Or have you embraced them? If you can’t remember their names, their homes, or their families, does your brand deserve a special place in their hearts? The key to winning is in knowing, understanding and empathizing with the consumer.

Insight is all about going beyond the traditional notions of demographics and psychographics. It’s about walking a mile in their shoes and recognizing the smells, sounds, and surroundings of their world. Knowing how they wake up, what they eat, what makes them cry and what makes them laugh.

The more you know, the better your chances of building a dialogue, being able to innovate and cultivating long-term loyalty.

Who are they?
What do they say?
What do they feel?
What do they think?
What are their fears?
What are their hopes?
What are their dreams?
Who do they admire?
What drives them?
What do their friends and relatives think?
What are their choices?
What’s cool?
What’s uncool?
What will my brand mean in their daily life?
How will they change, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now?

What’s the space I can own today and tomorrow?
Is there a new trend emerging?
What’s the place I can build on?
Will my brand surprise?
Will my brand touch? Will it move?
Which image will cut through?
Which medium will surprise?
Which size will work?
Is there a chink in the competition’s armour?
Is there a niche vacant?
Is there a distribution issue?
What revenues will it add?
What resources will it take?
What is the gestation period?
What else can the brand be reasonably stretched to?
How important is this brand to the relative businesses that my
company is in?
Is there a promise that has not been leveraged?