Today as the commodity segment progressively gets branded, the reverse is also true of the branded segment getting increasingly commoditized. Statistics in the more mature western markets reveal a success rate of 1 in every 10 or 12 brands that are launched. While no clear data is available for emerging brand markets in the BRIC nations, it would be fair to say that the number of brand survivors would be significantly lower.

The mortality rate of new brands is due to the contribution of many factors. So often, brands get lost in the maze of the retail jungle because they do not understand the competitive environment and market dynamics, did not do the appropriate homework to position themselves properly, nor understand consumer needs and aspirations, with inadequate resources and funds to support it, an inexperienced talent pool, a complex retail and commercial environment, and an absence of creative talent. And brands fail most often in the market place for another reason: the brand owner’s own inexperience and want of strategic thought where his brand is concerned.

At Scion we follow a linear strategic solutions based approach to brand development — with full-spectrum services that span the entire lifecycle of the brand — from defining business goals and understanding the internal environment, to consumer and retail research right through to identity creation to position brands for rapid growth.

From start-ups and early stage companies to those in merger mode or companies looking to refresh an existing brand, we aim to create a meaningful, lasting relationship between your brand and its consumers.

Our approach to brand incubation

We see the brand as the chief architect and facilitator for business growth. Our strategic methodology is designed to enhance your business through brand performance to deliver defined outcomes.

We work with clients in every phase of the lifecycle – from concept, product and packaging innovation, market identification to addressing sales and marketing challenges.

Our 6 step brand development process