At Scion, we have a roadmap in place when offering our services in Brand Creation, Brand Extension and Brand Rejuvenation. We also believe this is our differentiator in the industry today.

Our first step, the client onboarding, is one of the most important ones. Bringing a client on board means extensive hours of research at Scion. Our goal is to first and foremost understand your business. Starting with the company’s history and vision, its products and services, we work to understand your business and its goals. From this space, we also work on understanding the client’s role and potential in its respective industry. In short, we map the brand’s DNA.

Our initial conversations will uncover the many layers of your brand’s story and understand your need to grow your brand. By peeling back the layers, we will attempt to find the core of your brand. We then use these layers to connect with your brand in a deeper, more meaningful way. Our goal is to unravel the impact of branding to your business’s profitability and growth.

It is this belief in getting to the heart of the brand that separates us from the multitude of brand management agencies. It helps us script your branding success story. And the marketing collateral becomes a reflection of a focused, powerful creative expression coupled with incisive thinking and strategic business direction.

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