A heritage of 135 years and generations of links to Bangalore’s families makes this jewellery store one of the most important retail landmarks in this city. But demographics and competition changed. The first with the arrival of young educated migrants from all over the country drawn to the well paying jobs in India’s software capital. The second, with the entry of several new national and international jewellery brands. In such a situation, how could the brand attract and remain relevant to a new generation of young consumers, whose needs could only be fulfilled with a modern brand?


Scion’s research revealed that consumers perceived C Krishnaiah Chetty & Sons as best suited for ‘traditional’ Karnatic wedding jewellery and not for the younger, modern consumer.Traditional jewllery communication has always relied on showcasing women overburdened with heavy gold jewellery. This had led to all brands becoming indistinguishable. Scion developed a strong visual identity based on its consumer insights and target focus groups. The communication used jewellery only as an accessory, focusing instead on the grace and beauty of the woman. Scion also recommended a strong colour associated with passion and romance. A series of enchanting, arresting visuals were developed for use in merchandising, catalogues and press and outdoor campaigns.


C Krishnaiah Chetty & Sons continues to be the most admired and respected jewellery brand and has seen a perceptible shift to a younger profile of customers.