Cafe Coffee Day

Amalgamated Bean Company, one of India’s largest coffee producers and exporters, wished to aggressively expand into the ‘Café’ segment. Scion was entrusted with the task of identifying the brand strategy, positioning, design and communications.

Scion conducted extensive research to define the target audience. Consumer insights gleaned from interviews, pointed to a large need-gap in the 18-28, unmarried, largely male segment. This was the target that needed a place to ‘hang out’ after college or work. A trendy, colourful, hep ‘hang-out’ destination with music, message boards, and events was conceived.

The tag line “A lot can happen over coffee” coined by Scion summed up the unique positioning of the brand; and was boldly built into the signage.

Execution involved design of menu, internal graphics, packaging, posters and communication.