Challenge / opportunity

The Evergreen Tea Company realized early that if they were to grow their tea business in in India, they needed to create a new business plan to market themselves to India’s significant tea consuming population who imbibe the offerings of the large multinational tea companies. To do this, Evergreen would need to successfully create and market their own brand. And while creating a new brand identity was important, a necessary prerequisite would be to have a powerful positioning idea to have stand-out value among the 300 odd tea brands available in the Indian market.

Brand Strategy

Evergreen approached Scion to create a unique brand positioning backed by a strong visual identity to create disruption in the market. Consumer and market research commissioned by Scion on middle market India revealed an interesting finding: that while the tea drinking moment is exciting –the trigger for familial bonding and personal enjoyment— the tea buying experience is curiously uninspiring and lacklustre — no matter where in India one goes. The tea store here is a largely unexciting space with little or no innovation despite tea being synonymous with being Indian!

Scion saw this as an opportunity to create excitement, disruption and a strong retail presence for branded tea for the Indian consumer.  Building on the company’s inherent knowledge and expertise, an in house master tea tasters and brewers, and access to estate teas across Siliguri, Assam, Darjeeling, Scion designed the brand experience to give the consumer as many varieties of tea across Indian estates, working closely with architects and designers to co- create a standout retail format for the Indian consumer.

Brand Identity creation

The brand promise was centred on a simple idea: ‘to make the tea drinkers’ tea purchase moments as warm, inspiring and stimulating as the beverage itself, with an eye popping range of products, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and contemporary look- feel unified into an exciting instore brand experience. A vibrant logo and the theme line ‘Pick your perfect tea’ was created to crystallize this positioning.

The identity created was backed by a complete set of collaterals, website design, and promotional strategies to ‘create separation’ for Chai Chun in the market place.


The store opened in Siliguri this weekend to great interest and attendance by over a 1,000 people and the press. The billboards all around the city announced the arrival of the tea store with a splash. This launch signifies the first of a hundred store roll out plan over the next two years.

(More results/ sales metrics to be posted soon.)