With flavoured milk representing one of the fastest growing segments in the Indian diary market, Parag Foods recently introduced Topp Up in three exciting variants as part of their summer launch.

To be active, the always-on-the-move young consumer feels the need to reach out for energy drinks but his ready-to-drink beverage preferences are shifting from carbonated drinks to healthier options. Flavoured milk fits the healthy bill because it offers the nutrition of milk in readily available, single-serve bottles.

Today’s consumer is also compelled by an ever-increasing need to stay on top of the game. A pick-me-up drink like Topp Up is the perfect health recipe to power up and charge ahead!


As a category, flavoured milk has been devoid of the spirit and excitement traditionally associated with energy beverage brands. Injecting much-needed action, hitherto missing in this high-energy beverage segment, Scion brought in innovation and consumer appeal in the positioning of Topp Up. The opportunity to add excitement in branding also presented itself from the intrinsic goodness of the product – the nutritional benefits of milk that render an energetic and recharged you!


Scion’s research revealed that the flavoured milk category is driven by the trend of the Indian consumer making a conscious choice for health and wellness products. Rich in calcium and protein, Topp Up delivers on its brand promise of being a health drink that energises you on the go. Scion developed the brand positioning of ‘top up and charge ahead’ and introduced Topp Up with a buzz unheard of in flavoured milk segment, making it a suitable substitute to aerated drinks.

With Scion, Topp Up evolved through naming and identity, and packaging that promises the benefit up front. The highly visible outdoor campaign demonstrates creatively the attributes of what this flavoured milk is all about – recharge your batteries!

The campaign

The spirit of Topp Up is exemplified through the idea of a sheer force that makes you get up and go. Scion captured this spirit by tying together a beautiful mix of imagery that represents the brand in its youthful entirety and a colour palette that speaks for the various flavours that Topp Up has introduced. The brand expression is best illustrated through the use of animal imagery; the Panther, the Falcon and the Horse – in movement — delineate the recharged persona in you, unleashing the power from within to get ahead.

With Topp Up, the flavoured milk product category is all set to usher in new-found quality, taste and health. Topp Up has launched in Mumbai, and will later extend to all other parts of the country.