New brand creation – Curegarden

Arjuna Natural Extracts Limited is a 20-year old company, a leading manufacturer and exporter of standardized botanical extracts for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, to a worldwide audience. With a vision to revolutionize markets in their home country, Arjuna Natural Extracts partnered with Scion to create their brand identity and communication, and devise effective marketing channels to establish their presence in India.

The brand positioning for Curegarden emerged from consumer and market research, keeping in mind the strengths of Arjuna Natural as a company working at the frontiers of botanical science technology. Scion’s research revealed that while botanicals are becoming the preferred choice in preventive health, they are not always considered effective when it comes to the treatment of chronic ailments. Based on this research Scion formulated the brand identity of Curegarden of being a provider of bioactive botanical solutions – botanics that can fight chronic ailments better because of their bio-available benefits to the body. So, while botanicals make it good, it is science that makes it great.

The brand identity of Curegarden comprised a strong logo and a colour palette that resonated with the brand’s message. Scion designed the palette for Curegarden keeping in mind the brand positioning of high science-based natural healthcare products focused on improving the quality of life. The logo is a green and black combo – the purity and therapeutic benefits of nature in green combined with the scientific solidity and of black. The line, ‘The Future of Botanics is here’, represents the positioning of a company working at the highest levels on providing focused healthcare for well-being. It also has launch flavour- an introduction to domestic audiences.

The Curegarden story: Bioactive botanics

The Curegarden range of products is based on the extraction of bio-active compounds – the result of years of clinically studied ingredients and formulations. The key benefit of these bioactive botanics is its therapeutic impact on both preventive and specific health conditions. Scion developed the Curegarden brand identity to stand for supreme botanical quality as well as high science.

The Curegarden brand positioning highlights the advantages of a happier, healthier body and quality of life with the use of nature’s best ingredients. Botanics, when extracted for their bioactive compounds, offer a most effective approach to improving the quality of life. Curegarden’s state-of-the-art extraction process produces botanics that are optimized to work with the body.

The future of botanics is here!