The Coffee market in India is largely a generic market identified by bean varietals and blends. Amalgamated Bean Company, with the largest chain of ‘Fresh & Ground coffee stores’ wished to go beyond the value for money generic coffee segment. A potential for premium priced specialty coffees was identified both for the Indian and export markets

Insight & Solution

Scion was engaged to create the name, concept and packaging for this specialty coffee brand- a single origin and high altitude special coffee for the authentic coffee connoisseur. A single estate with a rich biodiversity and its shade grown Arabica was chosen for this special offering.

The Scion brand team delved into the history and culture of the plantation and suggested the brand name Dark Forest, a literal translation of the name of the coffee estate – ‘Kathlekhan’. For the first time in the packaged Indian coffee market, an aluminum foil pouch with a one way freshness valve enclosed in a hermetically sealed tin was developed. The packaging graphics were developed to provide a rich sensory visual experience and appeal to the sophistication of the exclusive premium and luxury consumer.

To provide a visual experience in addition to the sensory one, a booklet with the story of the Kathlekhan estate was included inside the packaging.


Dark Forest debuted at the India International Coffee Festival 2002. Apart from the resounding approval from the coffee community that wiped out the stocks at its launch, Dark Forest is a much sought out souvenir on a visit to India and a gift carried for friends abroad.