As pioneers in the practice of incorporating informatics into life sciences, Strand has provided innovative technological solutions to over 2000 research laboratories worldwide over the course of almost two decades.

With a growing need for accurate diagnostics and interpretative skills in the healthcare arena in India and a nascent playing field in gene-based diagnostics, the company saw an opportunity to leverage their unique skills in advanced sequence-based diagnostics and genomic data interpretation towards the clinical diagnostics arena in India.

Strategic insight

Strand’s clinical facing product was lacking a name and positioning befitting its impressive business narrative. Scion was brought in to guide the development of a new name, position the brand, and provide strategic counsel to define its purpose, vision and mission.

Strand needed to ‘create separation’ and make a strong case for a capability that was unique, deeply informed, and tough to replicate by competitors in DNA sequencing. A thorough study of the industry and potential marketplace revealed an opportunity to go farther afield than merely branding the product to creating an intellectual property.

The conceptualization and name ‘Strand Center for Genomics and Personalized medicine’ proclaimed this distinction with stature and authority — with a bold new statement and look.


The new name ‘Strand Center for Genomics and Personalized medicine’ was developed to crystallize the clinical facing genomics model into a fully functional resource, sample collection, and genetic counselling center aimed at the needs of both physician and patient. Scion’s new tagline for the brand: ‘Deeper insights. Informed decisions.’ reflects Strand’s commitment to improve the clinical outcomes of patients through precision, personalized, and value added services.

A comprehensive communication program was developed including brand identity creation and external marketing programs to explain the key benefits of gene-based diagnostics and the genomic panels for each class of ailments.