Keeping in view the long term ambitions for the brand, the GO packaging was designed to appeal to a young and westernized Indian audience as well as to be relevant in any international super market chain. A strong and confident logo element for impact and recognition at the point of sale, a clearly articulated packaging architecture for the launch products as well as the future portfolio and an appetising visual appeal were key considerations in designing the packaging. GO is now a familiar sight in supermarkets in Bhutan, Singapore and Dubai.


Communication is a continual link from packaging, to advertising, to recipe booklets and experiential events. However it must touch hearts and kick in the goolies as well. From TVCs, billboards to bus wraps, Scion has been delivering result oriented hard working advertising and communication in building the GO brand. A recent independent survey conducted by a national daily revealed that a majority of the urban youth admired and were switching to the GO brand. Validated by the 30% market share the brand enjoys in leading markets that it is present in.


How you present yourself to the trade and what confidence your brand will evoke with the savvy retailer is key to launching a brand successfully and attracting quality shelf space. Scion continues to develop sales aids, audio-visuals, price charts and training kits for GO cheese, to maintain consistent language and brand identity across the entire range of products.


The web is a powerful tool in the hands of the consumer. She is constantly looking for information, validation and reassurance from brands that play a role in her life. Scion’s web design team are engaged in developing web and social networking sites for the GO brand. Contests to engage, recipes that are relevant and Indian, information on health and nutrition – the GO online presence is getting larger and bigger.