A makeover for a larger market

Gowardhan, the dairy brand of Parag Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd. was launched in 1992 as a liquid milk product in Mumbai and Pune. The product portfolio had grown to include Milk Powder, Ghee, Processed Cheese, Butter, Dahi, and Gulab Jamun Mix powder under the brand name of Gowardhan all made from 100% fresh cow milk.

As the company expanded its distribution and retail presence into larger geographies, it was clear that the brand’s positioning and packaging needed re-energisation.

Scion’s research suggested that the brand had clearly established a reputation for quality and was strongly associated with traditional dairy products. Scion’s task was to rejuvenate the brand identity and packaging while continuing to associate it with the heritage values and equity that it enjoyed.

Scion contemporized the logo and developed the entire range of packaging to revitalize its shelf look. A trademark yellow band and pneumonic was
developed on all packs to indicate the guarantee of 100% cow’s milk to convey the benefits of better taste and nutrition.

Gowardhan communication re-emphasizes its heritage and tradition through association with festivals, celebrations, traditional events and media.

Sabse Thick


Dahi (Indian yogurt) is an every day constituent of a regular Indian diet, traditionally home made. With the rapid urbanisation of India, a new market for packaged dahi has emerged. While only a handful of brands exist in this small but emerging market, entry was considered difficult with well entrenched multinational and local players enjoying great brand loyalty.

Insight & Solution

Scion’s research found that branded dahi was an occasional purchase, bought when consumers ran short of homemade yogurt. Freshness was the key criteria in the quality considerations, weak dahi seen as an indicator of staleness. Based on Scion’s research Gowardhan re-engineered the product to meet consumers’ expectations.Scion developed the brand positioning ‘sabse thick’. The packaging promises the benefit up front with the tag ‘Fresh & Thick Dahi’. The high visibility outdoor campaign supported by film demonstrated creatively the attributes of the dahi.


In the launch quarter, Gowardhan Fresh & Thick Dahi gained a 27% share in the key market of Mumbai.

TV Commercials