Celebrity Fashions, a leading manufacturer and exporter of men’s garments wished to make a foray into the branded men’s wear retailing. Indian fashion brands have traditionally used western imagery – from brand names to Caucasian models and picturesque foreign locales – to following the western fashion cycles of spring and autumn, seasons unfamiliar to most Indians.

Insight & Solution

Research done by Scion revealed an interesting cultural shift. The young Indian’s attitude about his identity was changing: from an apologetic stance of, “We’re sorry, we’re Indians” to a pride in Indianness, a conscious celebration of Indian symbols and culture, inspired by images of ‘The Professional Indian’, ‘The Smart working Indian’ and ‘The Connected Indian’.

In this crowded market with a plethora of brands, Scion had to create a brand that was both appealing and distinct from the host of real and pseudo western brands. The visual expression of most men’s wear brands – power dressing/ or the saxophone playing white male were found to be alien to his roots and his aspirations By naming it the brand Indian Terrain, Scion’s client, a prominent garment exporter had already taken the first step. But Scion had to take this much further.

Riding on the key insight, Scion created an aggressive identity for the brand, captured in the phrase, The League of Global Indians. The creatives captured perfectly the new international lifestyle and ‘inferior-to-none’ spirit of the new generation of young Indian businessmen and professionals with global ambitions.

From the basic labels and tags to store signages and advertising visual imagery Scion developed a unified brand language and consistent brand attitude. This was carried through into dealer meets, merchandising and sales collaterals.


Indian Terrain quickly notched up sales and revenues in excess of 10 after the brand re-positioning and communication.