The youthful face of Joy

Your very first icecream was, most probably, Joy. And therein lay the problem. While many people responded to the brand with nostalgia and fond memories, the key consumers of the category – young people and kids – did not feel the same sense of attachment.

Scion was tasked with reinvigorating the Joy brand, so as to make it attractive and desirable to young audiences, without losing its history of appeal and approachability. Scion’s response was to retain the joyful core of the brand, but to interpret it in a youthful, stylish and contemporary manner. The history of the brand was captured in the tagline: “50 Years of Joy!”

The new design encompassed packaging, graphics, and visual identity. The youthful face of Joy was presented to the customer across a variety of touchpoints, including kiosks, menu posters, and store signage.