Scion was entrusted with the task of developing a brand that was proudly Indian, but still reflected the oenological philosophy and tradition of its celebrity French wine maker.

Research by Scion indicated that the brand choice of wine purchase is generally not predetermined. Consumers choose a wine brand on impulse at the point of sale. The design of the label needed to be beautiful to call out in a shelf stacked with hundreds of competing brands either as a gift or as a special occassion and embody the values of a premium hi-quality wine.

We named the brand Mandala Valley. In Sanskrit it means the circle of perfection, the harmonious balance of life and nature on earth and its relation to the cosmos. Mandala Valley represents this quest for perfection, balance and harmony. We capitalized on the logo of the Indian national bird, a Peacock. It was rendered in the traditional madhubani art form as a colourful expression of the wine’s flamboyance and sensory characteristics.

The wine was packaged in traditional dark St.Gobain Bordeaux bottles imported from France and natural corks from Portugal, distinguishing it from cheaper products. The label itself is simple and unpretentious in the traditions of great wines. In less than a year of introduction Mandala Valley wines became the top 3 brands and registered a loyal repeat customer base.