We had helped with the multi-brand architecture and the brands GO, Gowardhan, Pride of Cows and TopUpp are household names across the country. It was time to connect the dots for consumer, sales, marketing and investor synergy.

Parag has partnered with Scion since 2006, in strategizing and creating a strong multi-brand portfolio of milk based products. With the company’s plan to expand to newer milk segments and extend its brand portfolio to drive the next phase of growth, the need for a stronger connect and synergy with the relatively unfamiliar parent organisation was necessary. Scion saw the design of the brand identity as an opportunity to bring Parag’s extensive work force, pan-India distributors, consumers and stake-holders under a unifying corporate philosophy and build a sense of inspiration and confidence to its ambitious growth plans.

The spirit of innovative ideas

As a close associate of Parag over several years, we recognised that the spirit of innovation geared to fulfilling their consumers’ sense of delight, an uncompromising belief in cow’s milk as a medium of spreading goodness and a resolute integrity for good nutrition is deeply rooted in the corporate dna and has been fundamental to its extraordinary success. The products Parag has introduced to the Indian household in a few short years is deeply illuminative of this philosophy. From being the first to launch packaged shredded cheeses for convenience, the first cheese in a squeeze tube to delight children, to the unique concept of farm-to-home milk, Parag has lived and breathed a blueprint for successful dairy innovation.

Building on this insight, we verbalised the brand expression – Ideas for a new day. It captures the culture and values of the organisation towards making the consumers’ dairy moments inspiring and enjoyable. We created a bold and vibrant brand identity with a splash of milk forming a star as its central graphic element forming the letter P.

The new logo will adorn the packaging of all of Parag’s brands, unifying and proclaiming the heritage and promise of the parent brand.

Living the expression

Going beyond the verbal and visual symbols of brand identity Parag has embarked on an organisational wide programme across sourcing, manufacturing, sales & marketing to inculcate the brand philosophy. Scion’s brand expression ‘Ideas for a new day’ is now driving new innovations, new strategies and a new spirit of excitement as Parag gears for its future growth.