Falling in love with milk

Bhagyalakshmi Dairy Farm was set up in 2006 as a model dairy, on the lines of European dairy farms, complete with imported stock of Holsteins, rotary milking parlour and a experienced European management team. In 2010, with 3500 cows on the scenic hillside of Mancher and plans to set up an online processing and bottling plant, Scion was mandated to create the brand, positioning and marketing strategy.

Early research with consumers indicated the lack of trust in the exiting milk brands in Mumbai. Fears of adulteration, quality issues and lack of
differentiated branding and communication had eroded consumer confidence in the pouch milk that was the standard offering from government cooperatives and smaller private dairies.

Scion was called upon to define the brand’s verbal and visual imagery, devise a marketing and communications plan to connect with the consumers for a milk that was India’s superior farm-to-home nourishing milk that incorporates the finest farming practices anywhere in the world. The communication plan included a direct mail campaign to existing, and to new customers to highlight the benefits of this milk and to justify its higher price premium. And to emphasize the delivery of highly nutritious farm fresh milk delivered direct to the door within hours of milking. Another focus area of the campaign was to compare Pride of Cows to ordinary milk so that quality conscious people could decide for themselves what makes Pride of Cows the superior choice.