Nutrisattva, started by two veteran professionals from Amul based in Anand, Gujarat, was planning an entry into the western market with protein concentrates for holistic nutrition. Nutrisattva approached Scion to craft its corporate and product strategies.

Challenge and opportunity

Increasing urban stress and lifestyle disorders, coupled with growing media focus on nutrition, is making consumers aware of preventive health care. Safe, long-term supplements, especially non-pharmaceutical products, are growing in popularity. Sports and fitness have become vital to current lifestyles, turning many Indians into fitness enthusiasts.


After analyzing insights from the company, customer behaviour and the market, we found that Nutrisattva’s competitive edge lay in ‘natural protein’ (Pro) and a ‘way of life’ (liva). This prompted the search for a contemporary name with an abiding promise of ‘build a fitter you’. Thus was born the ‘protein innovation company’ position of Nutrisattva and the brand name ‘Proliva’ for the current and future product ranges.

Proliva’s brand essence was articulated as ‘offering active protection through the best of modern science, traditional health sciences and natural nutrients to drive holistic wellness’.

Scion went on to develop a sharp, contemporary identity, balancing the earnest yet appetizing ‘feel’ of the category. The packaging design captured the brand’s desirability and an architecture that accommodated multiple variants.


Today, Proliva owns shelf-space across retail points, with offerings across Growth, Repair, Recovery, Sustenance and Enhanced performance. The brand is emerging quickly as a modern, caring and long-term player that blends global science with the goodness of Ayurveda.