Scion was entrusted with the task of creating a brand name, identity and positioning for a fully integrated chemistry and life sciences company for the Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Plastics, and Personal Care industries.

We identified and matched the strengths of the company with the key criteria sought by global customers for long-term partnerships – knowledge, expertise, people talent and size of the company.

The name Sequent was chosen to reflect the company’s mission to be a step ahead of the future direction that the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry was moving towards. Scion designed a visual identity system around the chemistry of the carbon atom with a green swish symbolizing the brand’s foray into herbal extracts and phytochemicals.

The brand’s website, marketing literature and packaging were designed around the new brand identity and stylized to reflect the core values of a knowledge and experience that were the brand’s key strengths.

The launch of the brand was timed for the annual pharmaceutical CPHI trade show and convention in Madrid where the world’s leading pharmaceutical majors visit every year. Scion designers executed the trade show booth for the thousands of visitors that would get first acquainted with the brand.