Y-Cook is a food technology company that offers pre-boiled (ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat) ‘fresh’ vegetables, lentils and fruits. With their innovative, patented processing and packaging, Y-Cook offers corn, potatoes and a variety of lentils in a pre-boiled format, with a shelf-life of 12 months! Y-Cook saw huge success in the export market with their first product, sweet corn.

In an attempt to create a brand with a distinctive, wide product basket in the ready-foods segment, Y-Cook approached Scion.

Challenge and opportunity

The challenge was to create a brand-new category—pre-boiled vegetables and tubers with a shelf-life of up to 12 months—in the overcrowded ready-to-eat/ ready-to-serve packaged food market. This called for a truly disruptive strategy coupled with a creative breakthrough. The tightness of the budget made the task even more daunting.


One of the first tasks undertaken was to give the brand a name that would cut the clutter and embody the essence of the brand. The biggest advantage of this product was the convenience that it offers to the consumer.

Scion’s consumer research revealed that while our target consumers loved to cook, they were wary of the drudgery of preparation. If the laborious part of preparation could be avoided while the final turnout of the dish remained their hands, they would cook faster and more joyfully.

This insight helped shape the brand promise of quick, convenient and joyful cooking, and led to the brand name, ‘Ta-daa!’… the essence of making food in a jiffy!

Scion’s creative team captured the identity in a fresh, exciting packaging design that reflected the target group’s youthful profile with true-to-life imagery. Care was also taken to convey the fact that the product contained no additives or preservatives.


Ta-daa! was launched initially in modern retail outlets across Bangalore, and gained consumer acceptance with increasing trials and sales.